New Schneider Electric Hub: Ingrid Building in Novi Sad Sets Benchmark for Sustainable and Innovative Work Environment

Photo: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, present in Serbia and Montenegro for more than two decades, stands out by the placement of advanced solutions for energy efficiency, digitalization and automation, as well as by the impressive Schneider Electric Hub in Serbia.

This software development hub, located in Novi Sad, gathers more than 1,000 engineers, who shape digital solutions in the areas of energy and automation for the global market by applying the leading global technologies.

The unique InGrid building, opened this June, represents Schneider Electric’s visionary venture. Transformation of the former Novkabel production facility into a modern office building reflects commitment to sustainability principles. This carbon-neutral building, which is to receive a LEED GOLD certificate by the end of the year, uses power from renewable sources only.

The building is powered by its own solar energy production, with 1,500 square metres of solar panels on the roof and the remaining energy supplied from a green certificate power purchase.


Net space of the InGrid facility covers 14,500 square metres, including an impressive set of rooms such as a data centre, amphitheatre, atriums with greenery, kitchens, conference rooms, training rooms, a gym, and 350 parking spaces with ten power chargers for electric vehicles.

The workspace in the InGrid building is designed in line with the activity-based workspace model, facilitating creativity, productivity and comfort.

Photo: Schneider Electric

The InGrid building is managed by Schneider Electric’s Ecostruxure Building Operations platform, enabling centralised management for maximum efficiency, comfort and productivity. The Planon Workplace Insights Edition, a modular cloud-based software solution, additionally provides information on a space usage rate and the work environment conditions. In the coming period, the software will be supported by smart presence sensors and sensors monitoring other environmental parameters. The software provides comfort for the building users by monitoring temperature, humidity, light, noise, hazardous evaporable organic compounds and radon levels.

Implementation of such solutions helps the company achieve the most efficient space usage and ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for all. The software also provides data on space usage, workplace conditions, space booking, etc.

Schneider Electric, the global leader in the areas of sustainability and green energy, applies sustainable solutions in its own operations, as well as contributes to the improvement of the industry, infrastructure, and construction sector worldwide through training and partnerships. The InGrid building in Novi Sad represents another step towards a sustainable future, setting a benchmark for a work environment combining innovation, efficiency and comfort.

Schneider Electric

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