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Renewable energy sources are no longer only a factor in environmental protection but also in maintaining energy security. The crisis that marked the year behind us confirmed the necessity of switching to renewable sources. The sun’s energy is affordable, and solar power plants play a significant role in Serbia’s energy stability, reducing the pressure on Elektroprivreda. The number of built solar power plants is increasing every week, not only the large ones of several megawatts but also those for their own needs, which smaller companies and households are increasingly installing.

Following positive trends, the company MT-KOMEX has recently started the construction of a solar power plant on the roof of one of the popular shopping centers in Serbia. It is important to point out that the value of such projects is recognized, and the construction of solar power plants is planned for each of the 14 buildings in different cities this retail chain has. The projects for all 14 power plants have already been completed.

For the construction of the first photovoltaic power plant, a building in Požarevac was chosen, which has a large number of small stores under its roof. The specificity of this project is the fact that the produced electricity will be distributed percentageally among the stores in proportion to their consumption. At the same time, the excess energy will be handed over to the grid. Two substations power this facility, and the power plant itself will be divided accordingly. The total power of the power plant will be 1 MWp.


Photovoltaic panels with a power of 410 Wp are used to construct the power plant. Exactly 2,414 Luxor Solar LX410M/182-108+(410W) monocrystalline solar panels will be installed, followed by AC distribution cabinets, a Fronius monitoring system and smart meters, which are essential additional equipment to make the solar power plant as efficient as possible. Also, 46 inverters will be installed with different power but from the same manufacturer, Fronius. These inverters are among the best in the world. Given that it is a complex facility, the inverters will be placed outdoors, and a special structure will be made to protect them from the direct influence of external weather conditions.

The roof surface on which the panels are placed is made of a synthetic membrane, which requires using a D-Dome construction manufactured by K2 Systems. It is planned that the panels will be oriented northeast-southwest at an angle of 10 degrees to make the most efficient use of solar radiation. If, for example, the roof surface was in the form of a trapezoidal sheet, the project would have foreseen a different type of construction that follows the roof pitch.

The construction of the solar power plant at the facility in Požarevac began at the beginning of December, and the planned completion date is at the end of January, after which it will be connected to the grid.

The expected production of the power plant on an annual level is 1140 MWh/year, the return on the investment of 925 thousand euros is expected in 6 and a half years, and we would especially emphasize the saving of CO2, which amounts to 535,600 kg on an annual level.

The previously realized projects of the company MT-KOMEX, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in January 2023, confirm the reliability of the company’s business and the certainty that each project will be done in the best possible way. Among the power plants built by the company MT-KOMEX, so far, there are more than 60 MW of solar power plants in the portfolio, and the largest bifacial solar power plant on earth will soon be built.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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