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Photo: Siemens

The Siemens company is a symbol of innovation and technical expertise, in which numerous opportunities for learning and improvement are constantly opening up. In addition to being known for cutting-edge technological solutions, this company has many female engineers who are technology experts, which is a real refresh since the usual engineering team is mostly made up of men. At Siemens, they do not differentiate between women and men engineers or other profiles, but work and knowledge come first. Among the female engineers is Sunčica Cvetković, director of the smart network department of  Siemens Serbia.

Statistics show that men when it comes to the engineering profession, make up the largest percentage. How much does Siemens, in your experience, empower women engineers?

Siemens is a company with many opportunities for learning and improvement, and if you have that personal urge to learn, then the possibilities are endless. Although my team consists mainly of men when it comes to gender equality, I work in a company where there is no distinction between women and men engineers or other profiles; they only value work and knowledge. In the younger generations, the trend is that there are in engineering work more men changing, which makes me happy.

Colleagues in my team are experts in their work, professional and dedicated. I see my role as supporting the further development of everyone in the group and motivating us to continue achieving success. Siemens always tries to be one step ahead in the market and, somehow, sets an example for other technology companies.


How much will digitization improve everyone’s life?

Digitization definitely makes life easier. We are all users of various electronic services that save us time. The possibility of working from home as part of the digitalization process brings a new concept of life organization in general and buys both men and women some time in their daily activities. When it comes to smart grids that we deal with, they refer primarily to the power system. These are solutions for high-quality and reliable electricity supply – digitization in the energy sector. Siemens is a leader in innovation in this area. Our mission is to bring the latest technologies that are applied worldwide closer to our users, and together we create solutions for the needs of the local market.

In the wake of the global energy crisis, the need to stop climate needs comes to the fore. To what extent is it possible to find technological solutions for these problems?

We live in fast and unpredictable times, where we depend a lot on world circumstances, and advanced technologies are the answer to some of those changes. Innovation and digitization are truly key to completely redefining economies and economies around the world. A green, circular economy is not feasible without innovative solutions that will connect our real, physical world and the one we create in the digital domain. Siemens is one of the few technology leaders that combine those two worlds, offering a synergy of hardware and software solutions that provide users with faster and more flexible operational processes and smart solutions that offer better productivity or infrastructure with efficient energy use.

Interviewed by: Mirjana Vujadinović Tomevski

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