Norwegian Company to Join Wind Farm Building Efforts in Serbia

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Xin)

The Norwegian company NBT, which invests in high-power wind farms in Serbia, has become a partner of WV International in developing wind farm projects in Serbia of a total power of 800 MW. The joint press release of the two companies says that NBT, headquartered in Oslo, will do business in the Serbian market under the name of WV-NBT Serbia.

“Considering that it is always looking for opportunities for projects in developing markets, NBT has recognized Serbia as a reliable environment for green energy and decided to join forces with WV International, in order to realize the project portfolio together”, the press release says.

The aim is to put into operation 800 MW at wind farms by 2026, and the first 168 MW will be available within the network as soon as 2023.

WV International and NBT will develop and build wind farms in line with the international standards that match the requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Equator Principles.

The wind farms will make a considerable contribution to the economic development, bring substantial tax revenues, secure up to two thousand jobs during the construction and make a permanent economic impact even after the construction is completed.

“Also, these projects will considerably increase the share of renewable sources in the total consumption of electrical energy in Serbia, which is one of the most important objectives of the energy sector of Serbia”, the press release says.

WV International, which previously operated as Windvision, started carrying out the wind farm projects in Serbia in 2010.

The projects are now at an advanced development phase and are ready for realization under transparent, competitive and adequate market conditions, which the announced system of auctions will enable.

WV International operates in the field of RES for almost 20 years and is present in eight countries: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Serbia, Senegal and Tunisia. It has successfully realized over 200 MW of wind farm projects in Belgium and France, obtained permits for over 800 MW, and it employs over 50 people.

NBT develops wind farm projects and manages power plants of this type in developing markets. The company was founded in 2004 and is most active in China and Ukraine.

Source: Beyond Communications Consulting