“Open Balkan” is an opportunity for all countries to be more energy secure

Photo-illustration: Pixabay (piviso)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, Ph.D., stated that the “Open Balkan” initiative represents an opportunity for Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia to jointly implement projects in the field of energy, primarily when it comes to new capacities and strengthening energy security.

“Open Balkan” initiative is an excellent opportunity for connection and cooperation, for the flow of people, goods and capital, as well as for joint projects. The presidents of the governments of Albania and North Macedonia are coming today, and several agreements will be signed”, said Mihajlovic. 

“We also have a joint energy crisis group, which we talked about recently in Tirana. We have several projects with North Macedonia that we plan to do. One is a gas pipeline that will cost around 20 million euros, with a capacity of 1.4 billion cubic meters of gas. We are also discussing the possibility of building a joint solar power plant. When it comes to cooperation with Albania and the construction of a new LNG terminal, we are discussing the possibility of Serbia being part of that project. That terminal, which should be operational in two years, will have a capacity of five billion cubic meters of gas, and it would be very important if we had the possibility of supply, said Minister of Mining and Energy.

“What is important for all three states and what we also discussed is the joint balancing of electricity, given that we all have capacities that use RES and the plan is to increase them,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Source: Ministry of Mining and Energy