Photo: courtesy of Nina Sijerića

When building a solar power plant, the most important thing is to choose top-quality, reliable solar panels. As one of the best-certified manufacturers of high-class solar modules, the Luxor Solar Company offers its clients a wide range of products. We spoke with Nino Sijerić, the Business Development Manager of this company, about the business venture the company was most proud of in 2023, the profitability of investing in photovoltaic power plants, the advantages of heterojunction cell technologies (HJT), interest in the premium segment of modules and other topics.

„2023 was very challenging due to the drop in market prices, but we are extremely proud that we managed to keep long-term clients who recognize the added value of doing business with us. In 2023, we received the German SOLAR PROSUMER AWARD, which shows that end users recognized the top quality of our products and that we are now a part of the group of exceptional global brands that have the right to carry this label. Furthermore, the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization awarded us the TOP SERVICE award, as the DIND (Deutsche Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung) analysis confirmed our company’s outstanding results in service quality.“

Q: What does the profitability of investing in photovoltaic power plants depend on?

A: Luxor modules, as the heart of every power plant and also known for the quality of design and execution of works, ensure safe investment in photovoltaics. Of course, it all depends on the profitability and institutional framework of each country, as well as the electricity market, but ever since the energy prices have risen significantly after the pandemic years and due to various other crises, we have sufficient mechanisms, without the need for additional subsidies. The institutional framework reduces the administrative costs of investments and many countries still have to optimize them in order to make photovoltaic power plants even more appealing. Oftentimes, administration and bureaucracy are major obstacles to rapid progress. If you choose the right components and the right contractor, your power plant will be more than profitable. If you decide to use top technology, like HJT for example, you can expect to generate a minimum of between 3 and 11  per cent more kilowatt hours over a period of 30 years.


Q: What are the advantages of heterojunction cell technologies compared to other technologies?

A: Our module with HJT cells has a 30-year product warranty, which is a guarantee for the investor as they are given a factory warranty covering all technical uncertainties during the production life. HJT also guarantees 93 per cent of the nominal power of the module after 30 years of use, which is eight per cent more than standard PERC technology.

Q: Your portfolio’s premium segment also contains modules with N TYPE TOPCON and HJT technology. How popular are they with users?

A: There is a lot of interest shown for these modules, as these are the technologies that customers order the most because they differ from the competitors’. We are unmatched in guarantees. Each LUXOR N TYPE and HJT module is double-glazed and bifacial with a 30- year product and a 30-year nominal power warranty.

Q: What else could you do to be in the ranks of the best companies in the world in this field when it comes to introducing cutting-edge technologies?

A: In terms of technologies, we are on the right track with N TYPE TOPCON and HJT, which is confirmed in the number of orders from our customers. We closely follow global trends and are at the top level. Many of our competitors look up to the Southeast European markets and they follow us more than we follow them. With our capacity of around 7GW per year, we don’t need to hide from anyone.

Interviewed by: Mirjana Vujadinović Tomevski

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