Zeleni and Obilicev venac

Two important landmarks of the Serbian capital are becoming truly greener.

Photo: MT Komex

It is expected in the future that the first green building rises on the site of the former Beobank building at Zeleni venac. Compared to the rest of multi-story buildings in Belgrade, the planned multifunctional building will have living walls, where diverse vegetation planted in vertical gardens will improve the microclimate in this part of the city. It is also planned to install the rainwater harvesting system, solar panels and wind turbines for electricity production. Only five-minute walk from this future architectural achievement, on the top of Garage “Zeleni Venac”, the project based on the alternative energy production was developed which will improve the quality of life in this neighborhood.

On the top of the public parking garage at 13 Kraljica Natalija Street, 115 polycrystalline solar panels with an aluminum substructure were installed. These photovoltaic modules are expected to have a production of up to 32 thousand kWh annually. The garage will use the produced electricity for its own consumption, which will reduce the network load and the exploitation of fossil fuels, together with zero carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, the use of completely free and unlimited solar energy will result in cost savings. The solar power plant was built as part of the garage’s refurbishment that has now been modernized with implemented modern lighting technology, while the works were carried out by Termomont Ltd. from Belgrade, as the main contractor and designer of the solar power plant in Zeleni venac, and MT-KOMEX Ltd. from Belgrade, as a subcontractor. The project was financed funded from the City budget for the needs of the public utility Parking Service.

Photo: MT Komex

In the twenty-first century, when climate change is hovering threateningly in the air in the form of harmful gases, it is very important to turn to clean, renewable energy resources. It is commendable when steps in this direction are made by a public company. The associates in achieving their goal and socially responsible business practices they will always find in MT-KOMEX company. This Belgrade based company with decades of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and welding has enriched its contracting activity, over the past seven years, with practice in the domain of renewable energy sources. Following the world trends, MT-KOMEX employees went through a series of training and specializations in assembly, construction and installation works. In the last period, they participated in numerous projects for the construction of small hydropower plants, gas, and solar power plants. Engineers from MT-KOMEX have been trained and certified in solar power plant construction. So far, the name of this company has appeared in projects for 9 solar power plants with the installed capacity of almost 2.5 MW.

To keep up the pace with modern trends, the company’s management also got involved in activities supporting the introduction of electric vehicles on Serbian roads and application development of charger stations. MT-KOMEX engineers are trained to install chargers, both in smaller residential and business units, as well as in larger buildings with more demanding infrastructure. The results of the strategic partnership with Schneider Electric and ABB, two global leaders in the production of chargers for electric cars, are obvious. MT-KOMEX installed chargers for slow and medium-speed charging in the BMW car showroom, in the head office of ProCredit Bank and at the IKEA department store parking lot. Engineers also used their skilled fingers in setting up the charger in the public garage Obilicev venac in Belgrade, which was the first one in Serbia to offer its users charging of electric vehicles, which was also realized as part of the reconstruction of this garage carried out by the Termomont’s expert team.

Prepared by: Jelena Kozbasic

You can read the entire text in the tenth issue of the Energy Portal Magazine SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, in March 2018.