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The first solar panels were produced by the Luxor Solar company in 2007. Today, they are a certified manufacturer of solar modules recognized throughout the region. They are the leading company regarding the number of sold solar panels on our market, and they are installed in over 85 countries worldwide. Based on EuPD Resarch’s research among German consumers in the areas of brand awareness, product prevalence and recommendation, Luxor Solar ranks among the best brands in Germany. Due to its exceptional performance, the company received the EuPD Research SolarProsumerAward©, which places them in the group of top global brands that have the right to carry this label.

The most wanted models

Monocrystalline solar panels with half-cell architecture, most often with cells M10 N TYPE TopCon with a diagonal of 182 mm power 425/430Wp double glass bifacial in dimensions 1,722 × 1,134 × 30 mm is their standard and most requested model. The experts of this company are also happy to recommend the 570Wp BIF version with dimensions of 2279 × 1134 × 30 mm for larger projects on the roof and on the ground.


They have recently enriched their portfolio with heterojunction cell technology and high-end solar modules. Heterojunction cell technology has several advantages compared to current technologies. Thanks to the application of this new technology, solar modules are more efficient and more durable and guarantee greater efficiency per surface area, as well as throughout the module’s lifetime.

Luxor Solar offers its clients the fastest and most flexible solution, a German warranty on each delivered module for up to 30 years on the product and up to 30 years on production. They are always available to clients, both at the head office in Stuttgart and in the region and Serbia.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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