Production Is Love in the Long Run

Novi Sad-based company “Eko-sistem” creates new products from waste tires: mats for playgrounds, speed bumps, wheels for bins and containers. The possibilities are not exhausted. The recycled tire can change its shape and obtain new “life chance” through numerous other products. By applying new technologies, “Eko-sistem” closes the circle; thus, waste can be reused, while resources are being saved, and the environment is being protected from pollution.

Photography: Eko sistem(private archive)

This young company, which was registered in 2015 as a branch of a renowned company “Plava Frajla”, has made a breakthrough with its products on the European market in a short time. They are proud to say that they cover more than half of the market of the former Yugoslavia. Natasa Bozicevic Stankovski, the responsible person for waste management in “Eko-sistem”, says that the success is even greater when taken into consideration that they have beenoperating only for three years, and regular orders from the European countries confirm that the quality of domestic products of waste tires does not lag behind the well-known European producers in this field.

Photography: Eko sistem(private archive)

“Our work is all about great passion. We are in love with the process of making a product. We are constantly trying to find a way to be faster and better. We also research which machines we should purchase to improve our production. We work in three shifts without shutting down the machines, 24/7 throughout the year.” Giving the fact that this production process is preceded by recycling, the company is registered as an operator of specific waste – a recycler, which means that it has all the necessary permits following the legal regulations in Serbia, they purchase tires from legal and natural persons.

The “Eko-sistem” products represent one of the best examples of the circular economy applied in Serbia

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