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The example of Pavle Đorđević shows that childhood dreams can come true. As a boy, he dreamed of having his piece of land where he would grow fruits and vegetables, where he would be able to enjoy the peace and be with nature and in nature. Today, this native of Belgrade practices organic farming on his property in Valjevska Kamenica.

Even as a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, Pavle Đorđević was making plans and developing ideas, but he could not have guessed that he would grow organic fruits and vegetables under his brand on four hectares of his land.

“I was lucky enough to come across an ad in 2017 that brought me to Valjevska Kamenica, a village located fifteen kilometers from Valjevo. As soon as I set foot on the then-abandoned farm, it was love at first sight,” explains Pavle.

The first step was to buy the property; the more difficult step came when he had to get the property in order. It took a lot of effort and work to reconstruct the farm and restore it to its former glory. Fortunately, none of that was difficult for Pavle because he finally had everything he dreamed of as a boy.


He was soon joined by agronomists Miloš and Pavle, architect Teodora, neighbor Ljilja, who helps with work on the farm, and Stefan, a graduate in economics. They make up the young team of Organela, which is united by a great love for nature.

“We deal with certified organic production of fruits and vegetables, and this year we organized and improved our processing. On the Organela estate are meadows and orchards, a small lake, and a micro botanical garden where we planted indigenous plants from our region. We pay great attention to the preservation of soil, water, and biodiversity because this is the only way we can preserve nature and improve it”, our interlocutor says honestly.

How does Organela function?

Photo: Organela

Anyone who wants products from this estate can order them by simply visiting the Organela website. The fruits are picked in the morning and delivered in the afternoon to home addresses in Belgrade and Valjevo. Pavle says they avoid sending to courier services, so they deliver the packages themselves. They are thinking about expanding delivery to other cities, but they lack the logistics for now. However, everyone who would like to enjoy the flavors of organic food can personally come to the farm and pick everything they want.

Pavle and his team also offer the option of service food growing. The process works like this: you get a plot of land on the property where you can grow whatever you want.

“Before the start of the season, we agree on which species you want us to grow and in what quantity. When the ripening season begins, we pick the fruits and deliver them to your home address. This service is currently only available to our regular customers. The user of the garden pays for this service monthly. Our goal is to offer the end customer the organic products he wants at a more favorable price”, says Pavle.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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